US-Asia Market Entry

Solution Overview

Supporting business expansion in Japan and Asia utilizing global staff

US-Asia Market Entry is a service that supports American startups who are interested in entering the Japanese market. We facilitate global collaboration by providing localization, sales, and maintenance support. ID America also provides support for American companies attempting to expand into other Asian markets as well as Japanese companies entering the American market.

Target Companies

Do you have trouble entering the Japanese market?
Do you lack contact points for entering the Japanese market?
Do you lack staff proficiency in the Japanese language?
Do you require local consulting?
Do you have trouble understanding the needs of the Japanese market?
Do you have trouble understanding Japanese business customs?

Effect of Adoption

US-Asia Market Entry provides you with:

  • Japanese localization support
  • Sales support
  • IT maintenance assistance
  • General help entering the Japanese market

Description of Service and Features

  1. Support by Japanese-proficient staff in English-speaking regions

    We provide native-level support via our global staff that is well-versed in both the Japanese market and business customs.

  2. Consulting

    For entry assistance into the Japanese market, we survey products and services, evaluate market fit, predict market needs, and estimate the market size. We then share this information with the customer.

  3. Supporting sales, maintenance/operation activities for the Japanese market

    We use the connections of ID Group, to start sales and support expansion into the Japanese market. We also help with customer support and on-site maintenance.

Case Studies

We are currently supporting several startup companies with their expansion to the Japanese market, with a focus on tech companies in the fields such as cybersecurity and IoT. We also continue to provide local sales support and operation work.

If you are interested in the details of our case studies, please feel free to get in touch.