Corporate Innovation Service

Solution Overview

Researching promising new technologies and companies together with venture capital

The Corporate Innovation Service focuses on market research, tech scouting, and proofs of concept for new technologies. We survey IT market trends, research new technology, and discover promising companies for both Japanese and American companies.

Target Companies

Do you have trouble understanding technology trends?
Do you lack the resources to check the feasibility of rolling out new technologies to Japan?
Do you require sales support for introducing new technologies to the Japanese market?
Do you want to test and review Japanese and American IT products and services?
Do you want information on the latest IT trends and markets?
Do you want the latest information on IT events in America?

Effect of Adoption

The Corporate Innovation Service enables you to:

  • Understand the market situation in America.
  • Make future strategic decisions based on current market trends.
  • Understand the technical capabilities required for providing future services.

Description of Service and its Features

  1. Market Research

    We survey the latest IT trends in America, including digital transformation, and provide information on impact, challenges, and countermeasures.

  2. Tech Scouting

    Initially, promising IT services are researched and introduced. Then, we check and provide information on the features, advantages, and challenges facing such services.

  3. Proofs of Concept

    We conduct time and resource-intensive preliminary tests on the latest technologies and share the results with our customers.

Case Studies

We have a history of providing solutions to companies rolling out the latest American technologies to companies in Japan. We conduct proofs of concept to verify functionality and operation methods in advance.

If you are interested in the details of our case studies, please feel free to get in touch.