ID America provides customized support to each startup so that they can deliver their emerging tech and innovative solutions to the Japanese market. We support system integration, customer development and overall operations, including language support.  

We begin this process by meeting with each startup to understand their product or service, and then walk each startup through the overall process, from the initial PoC to the full product or service launch.  We collaborate with our engineering team in Japan to test each product or service in the market and then devise a plan to successfully launch your innovative tech with our marketing team.  The sales teams throughout Japan then leverage their relationships with Japan’s largest companies to launch your product or service and provide high-quality customer care post-launch.  

ID America has also developed several strategic partnerships with US-based emerging companies and startups. Through these partnerships, we have supported companies like CyberX (acquired by Microsoft), Seceon and RealWare to expand their reach and offerings in Japan.  We have also invested in cybersecurity startups that have a high potential to succeed in the Japan market.

ID America's Cyber Security Priorities
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