March 8, 2018

Software Development

ID Group possesses working knowledge and expertise in customer systems acquired over many years, as well as a solid track record of development in a wide range of fields, including finance and industry. We practice agile development, flexibly, and rapidly responding to customer needs. By applying agile and conventional approaches as context demands, we build cost-efficient, stable systems.

Developing systems from the user’s perspective

ID Group works closely with our clients to ensure that the product fulfills their exact needs and requirements. ID Group provides client consultation to ensure that the product delivered not only the expectation but exceeds it. A specialized team is formed with individuals equipped with the skills and expertise that are best suited to take on the given project.

ID America combines our resources all around the world to build integrated systems

ID America leverages the best each office has to offer to deliver top-quality services worldwide. It provides consulting services within the group and has network to offshore subsidiaries for contract-based development as well as nearshore regional offices for in-house development. Through tie-ups with capable, leading-edge firms in countries around the world, we help clients strengthen and grow their existing business and expand into new areas.