2017 Spring Career Fair Season!

Here is a complete list of the career fairs that we be attending for the Spring 2017 hiring season. To attend on of these fairs please contact the respective schools, career centers.

  1. Northeastern Career Fair: 2/2
  2. Boston University College of Engineering Spring Career Fair: 2/8 
  3. Boston University General Spring Career Fair: 2/16
  4. Umass Boston Career Fair: 3/8
  5. Umass Lowell Career Fair: 3/22
  6. Brandeis Just In Time Job & Internship Fair: 4/6

We will also be hosting our own information sessions so you can get to know us and we can get to know you. To attend one of our information sessions contact us through our form.


If you want us to come to your university send us your school’s information to us through our contact form.

If there is a change in schedule will update the information above accordingly.

Join us this recruiting season!